Watch When The Girls Take Over 1962 movie

  • Title: When the Girls Take Over
  • Release year: 1962
  • Director: Russell Hayden
  • Actors: Robert Lowery, Marvin Miller, Jackie Coogan, James Ellison, Ingeborg Kjeldsen, Jeffrey Stone, Don Dorrell, Tommy Cook, True Ellison, Gabriel Dell, Russell Hayden
  • Movie length: 80 min.
  • Movie genres: Comedy

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One of the most boring films in the Universe, When the Girls Take Over is before you now! This action is from year 1962 and it would not impress you at all. Length of the uninteresting action is 80 minutes with not catchy acting of not bad actors like Russell Hayden, True Ellison, Don Dorrell, Ingeborg Kjeldsen, Robert Lowery. The director was not good at all too, some parts are too long and some are too short. We can tell our opinion that this is the worst of films of Comedy niche in the whole Universe!

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Looking forward to have nice time with some Comedy action? Examine When the Girls Take Over with True Ellison in one of main roles and other well-known actors like: True Ellison, Jeffrey Stone, Robert Lowery, Don Dorrell and you would not ever regret about this right choice. This is one of the most exciting and really best of all actions in 1962 and we give you a piece of advice to examine it right now. The running time of the movie is 80 mins and you would not stay indifferent.

Excellent actors, astonishing picture and incredible filming. May deserve a sequel and even a remix with new tech. It's impressive and has got a very advanced visual style, with True Ellison playing in the movie. True Ellison, Jeffrey Stone, Robert Lowery, Don Dorrell have done an excellent job participating in the movie.

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